Audrey's doing well...

This weekend Audrey had her first trip to the emergency room.  Saturday morning she was acting kinda fussy, so we took her tempurature - 99.  After two hours of sleep, she woke up looking like, well, death warmed over for a baby.  We measured her again - the thermometer hit 102, we quickly pulled it out of her rump, put her in the car seat, and jetted to the emergency room. 

We live less than 5 minutes from the hospital, so in no time they were taking her vitals (103.1, otherwise alright).  They gave her Motrin, and it didn't take long for the fever to reduce.  Good stuff.

So we've been giving her a regular Motrin dose - this has kept her ~101, and she's in good spirits.  Audrey is such a trooper!!!