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a quick word from Intuit...

found this at http://archipelago.phrasewise.com/stories/storyReader$563.

A word from Intuit

Fri, Aug 31, 2001; by Daniel Berlinger.

Daniel and Jon,

I am the Engineering Project Manager for Quicken Mac 2002. I would like to shed some light on a couple of points you made in your discussion of Quicken 2002 on your web site. Please feel free to contact me individually with any questions.

1) Daniel, regarding the carbonization effort you dismiss as being trivial or "hardly impressive", here are the details: We have been working on Carbonizing Quicken for over two years. This involved over 12,000 man hours of work to achieve. This was a massive effort and was very difficult, in part because we kept having to try and hit a moving target. As OSX kept changing dramatically from month to month (at least from the developer API level) this caused us a lot of pain. There are many places where Carbon behaves differently under OS9 vs OSX. In addition, supporting the Aqua interface involves creating two different looking screens for many windows, dialogs, etc... in the product, as what we found was that if we made a window look good in OSX it often looked bad in OS9 and vice versa. We could have taken the easy way out and published an OS9 version of Quicken 2002 and told users to run in classic mode, but we didn't. Instead we spent millions of dollars in development costs to give users a first class OSX product, and we are one of the first major developers to have achieved this. I think a lot of people underestimate what it takes to carbonize a huge application source base like Quicken, vs the sample apps that Apple uses to demonstrate the carbonization process. I think all mac users should be proud of the commitment that Intuit has shown to the Mac with Quicken 2002. I know I am.

2) Regarding the lack of brokerage support, this is not really anyone's "fault" per se, other than a lack of market share for Apple. Quicken 2002 uses the same standards as the Quicken 2002 windows product for communicating with the brokerages. This was a substantial new feature for the Mac this year and we are very happy that we are able to provide the same functionality that our windows version does. The reason why some brokerages do not support the mac is their own decision and has to do (as always) with cost vs benefits. While theoretically it should be trivial for them to turn on the switch that accepts mac users, the reason some of them are reluctant to do so has to do with support costs. They would then have to train and support reps to handle mac customer calls when technical problems come up, and in the current economic environment, many are reluctant to do so. Rest assured that we at Intuit have been talking with all the major brokerages for over a year about this and are doing whatever possible on our end to get as many brokerages to support the mac as possible. Unfortunately, it is out of our hands now, and up to their customers to let them know that there is sufficient demand from mac users to justify the expense of training and support costs for the brokerages.


Ed Fernandez Quicken Mac Engineering Manager

I realize this is quite old, but I suspect the story remains the same - certainly Mac Quicken connectivity isn't as good as PC Quicken connectivity.  So this makes sense - though it's unfortunate. 
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